Mychele Rhodes Inducted into Superintendent Clowns of America!

Editor’s Note:  Superintendent Clowns of America (SCA) announces its newest inductee into this august body.  Below is a reprint from an article which appears on and

 By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

     I never cease to be amazed at today’s goofball superintendents and principals of schools.  I recently saw on Facebook that a senseless principal told a child with Downs Syndrome that he could not wear the letter jacket that his mother had made him for participating on one of the non-varsity teams at the school.  He was so proud of his homemade letter jacket, but this principal, who apparently doesn’t have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot, told him that he could not wear it because he was not a member of a varsity team at the school.  Should this principal be taken out and horse-whipped?  Would that do him any good?

     A few years back, we picketed a principal at A. Phillip Randolph Elementary School in Fulton County because he apparently recommended his Teacher of the Year for the non-renewal of his teaching contract.  People were very upset.  How can a principal be without principles so much that he or she would recommend the non-renewal of the Teacher of the Year?  Did this teacher make the principal nervous?  Was this teacher reluctant to kiss administrative ass?  How can this happen?

    Now the word is in that the Superintendent of Schools in McDuffie County, the home of perhaps Georgia’s most famed racist of the past, U. S. Senator Tom Watson, is in the throes of either recommending to the school board the termination or non-renewal of the contract of the popular STAR Teacher at Thomson High School.  We write about such silliness and pettiness and petulance in our book, The MACE Manifesto:  The Politically Incorrect, Irreverent, and Scatological Examination of What is Wrong with American Public Education (Big Daddy Publishers, LLC, 2014, 615 pages).  These kinds of actions take place all over the country these days mainly because non-leaders are put into positions of “leadership.”

Rhodes - Superintendent

Mychele Rhodes, Superintendent Clown of McDuffie County

     Today, the people who are often put into leadership roles are really tight-ass and controlling bureaucrats.  In the old days, many of the coaches were promoted up the leadership/administrative ladder.  And, quite frankly, it most of the times worked out well.  They were firm on student discipline, supported the teachers when it came to discipline, and they didn’t snoopervise the teachers, thinking that they had all of the answers.  They certainly didn’t worry about such non-sense as “teaching rubrics.”  These crazy “rubrics” are insulting.  To put creative teachers on a “rubrics” mandate is like putting them on training wheels.   These older principals certainly didn’t worry about such nonsense as forcing good teachers to act like robots, telling them how to teach and threatening their jobs for simply being creative in teaching their students. Professionals don’t need training wheels.

Teachers need to freed up to be creative.  Freed up to teach.  Stifling and suffocating them in straightjackets is ridiculous.  Making them use cookie-cutter methods is unconscionable.  It’s like a coach who has never played basketball telling a Michael Jordan or a Larry Bird or a Pete Maravich what to do with the round ball each time they get their hands on it.  Teachers are professionals who should be respected and allowed to use their professional knowledge, judgment, and wisdom with the students who are in their care.  They don’t briefcase-toting, tight-ass bureaucrats telling them each move to make.  They need these educrats and snoopervisors to get the heck out of their classrooms and let them teach.

     Now back to the STAR Teacher in McDuffie County:  We hear that he was verbally bullied and berated in a meeting today for about two hours.  Apparently, Superintendent Mychele Rhodes told him that she didn’t think that he should be allowed to teach in McDuffie County anymore.  I am thinking that the situation may go beyond just teaching the “rubrics” and other such silliness.  I think that the administration may be upset that the STAR Teacher is openly and vocally a Christian believer and that he has talked to the administration at Thomson High about the terrible disciplinary conditions which apparently exist at the school.  The administrators these days don’t want to hear about this.  They prefer to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to discipline. Also, it often appears to be “open season” on vocal Christians in public schools these days, both the students who want to bring their Bibles to schools or teachers who want to share their faith outside the classroom. If, however, this teacher were Muslim, perhaps the administration would handle him with kid gloves and make special arrangements for pork not to be served at all in the cafeteria.

     For several years, from what I hear, this school system has been hemorrhaging top teachers, including multiple Teachers of the Year and other STAR Teachers, some of whom are moving to safer or better schools and others of whom are leaving the profession entirely. What is going on in McDuffie County that is causing these successful and award-winning teachers to leave the system?

This superintendent-clown in McDuffie County seems to want to snoopervise the STAR Teacher for no substantive reason. Is this done in other school systems? She is apparently saying that she is concerned about this popular teacher’s “rubrics” and the number of his writing assignments. What?! She needs to worry about abiding by the Georgia Statute (O. C. G. A. 20-2-940[g]) that does not allow a Georgia superintendent to suspend a teacher from the classroom for more than ten days – and certainly not without the teacher being granted all of his substantive due process rights and having any “charge[s]” given to him by the seventh day. This superintendent, who is the Executive Secretary of the elected McDuffie County Board of Education, has left this school board in a breach of the law. This school board, via its appointed superintendent, has egregiously and flagrantly violated this Georgia Statute. No excuse whatsoever. Yes, she needs to worry about abiding by the law, not about pettiness. This STAR Teacher has been left dangling in the wind, with his reputation being besmirched because he first of all was apparently just sent home without any explanation of any “charge[s].” Not until after three weeks was he brought in and told about his “rubrics” and other such silliness. His reputation could not help but be ruined by such sloppy and sinister and nefarious actions of the Superintendent’s Office of McDuffie County. Rhodes Must Go! She either does not know the Georgia Law or does not give a rat’s behind about it. Mr. Norreese Haynes and I went to McDuffie County a couple of weeks ago and informed the administration there about the law. It apparently went over like water off a duck’s back. Next time, we will bring a crew and hit the sidewalks. I wonder if the good People of McDuffie County respect the Supreme Court’s holdings about Category One Free Speech fora? Parks and sidewalks. Ole Tom Watson might not have respected the humanity of all of God’s creation in older times, but I think that a new day has dawned in McDuffie County and the good People of McDuffie County will not put up with shabby treatment when they are informed about it. The way this STAR Teacher has been treated in McDuffie County could make some people draw the conclusion that he had robbed the McDuffie County Regions Bank. He has still to this day been kept in a “Teacher’s Gulag” or a metaphorical “penalty box.” What has been his “crime”? Caring for the kids and teaching creatively? Good grief. Rhodes Must Go!

This STAR Teacher is not a one-year wonder.  He is no fluke.  He was chosen by the students and parents of McDuffie County as the WalMart Teacher of the Year in both 2006 and 2009.  (This Teacher of the Year program has apparently been discontinued.  Otherwise, he may have won this award several more times.)  This is in a county of perhaps 250 t0 300 teachers.  He has also been named an “Honor Educator” twice in the last five years.  Only students who graduate with distinction are given the opportunity to choose one teacher who has most impacted them.  This year marks the second time this teacher has received this honor.  “STAR Teacher,” “Teacher of the Year,” and “Honor Educator” and yet Mychele Rhodes is apparently trying to can him.  So, does she not want superb teachers positively impacting on the children of McDuffie County?  Or, is this superintendent clown all about control?  What is it?

MACE has gotten in late on this case in McDuffie County but is monitoring it closely.  I think that I will recommend Mychele Rhodes to the august body of the Superintendent Clowns of America.  Yes, this I will do.  And I think that I have some pull with that group. This superintendent clown in McDuffie County appears to be out of control. © GTSO, 2015.

Robert Avossa and David Lewis Have Been Added to Superintendent Clowns of America! Congratulations!

Two young upstart superintendents in Georgia, Robert Avossa of Fulton County, and David Lewis of Muscogee County, have been added to this illustrious group of clowns, the Superintendent Clowns of America.  Both of these young bucks, who had not yet earned their doctorates (but were both working on them from small colleges), were hired upon the recommendation of school board attorney Glenn Brock who holds himself out as a “search firm,” though he only gives the school boards one finalist.  These two men apparently came from the Eli Broad Superintendents Academy (or “Superintendents Brothel,” as Dr. John Trotter calls it!).  They, though their lack of depth and experience, are hired upon the recommendation of Glenn Brock (who also seems to land a job and keep a job as school board attorney among the respective school boards).  Avossa pushed for the Fulton School System to be a system-wide charter system.  Lewis has done the same thing in the Muscogee County School District.  The teachers were already being treated like dog shit in these school systems; now, they were be treated even worse, especially without the regular due process rights under the Georgia Law being jettisoned.

Avossa and Lewis, no doubt, know that they are blessing those who blessed them.  Eli Broad (and Bill Gates) are pushing very hard for the entire country to have school systems which are system-wide charter and for teachers to be evaluated based on the scores of their students on some damnable standardized test (old fashioned “merit pay” or “value-added” evaluations).  Yes, Avossa and Lewis seem to be dutiful acolytes to Eli and Edyth Broad and to Bill and Melinda Gates.  Now you know the rest of the story!

New Inductees, Mychele Rhodes, Vickie Reed, Randy Rodgers, and William A. Hunter, Inducted into Superintendent Clowns of America.

 Damn Good Clown!

1. Crawford Lewis (formerly of DeKalb County, Georgia but now criminally indicted).  Crawford Lewis‘s trial is coming up very soon.  Among other felonious charges, Mr. Lewis is facing RICO charges.  Oh, did we mention that the Crawford Lewis Administration tried to ban Dr. John Trotter of MACE from the DeKalb County premises?  It all stared when Ronald (RonRamsey (a State Senator, no less!) shut down a grievance of a teacher who was being represented by Dr. Trotter when it appeared that much discussion and evidence about “systematic cheating” was about to emerge in the hearing.  Now you that Dr. Trotter was not going to take this sitting down!  [Crawford Lewis was indicted and awaits trial.]

2. Edmond Heatley (the beleaguered superintendent of Clayton County, Georgia).  Believe it or not, this superintendent clown is actually about to be offered a job by the Berkeley United School District in California.  The people of Clayton County are jumping for joy to be getting rid of this clown!  The Gypsy nature of these “national” superintendents only point to the depths that public education in the U. S. has sunk.  Stay turned for a forthcoming book from Dr. John Trotter and Norreese Haynes entitled The MACE Manifesto:  A Declaration of What is Really Wrong With Public Education wherein they discuss what they call “educational sluts” — those superintendents who just jump from one school board bed to the next, depending on what they are paid.  [Edmond Heatley abruptly resigned his job in Clayton County, GA apparently thinking that he was going to become the superintendent of Berkeley, CA.  But, Dr. Trotter was quoted frequently in the Berkeley and San Francisco newspapers.  He did not get the job.]

3. Jerry Bell (Hart County, Georgia).  Jerry Bell flubbed up royalty in trying to get rid of one of his good, experienced teachers in Hart County.  First of all, he gave the teacher insufficient notice in the charge letter.  In other word, Mr. Bell did not go by due process as outlined in the Georgia Statutory CodeDr. John Trotter with MACE outlined this to Mr. Bell, the school board members, the Hart County school board lawyers (Harben, Hartley and Hawkins), and to the media.  Mr. Bell, in his apparent stubbon way, continued to forge ahead.  His recommendation to non-renew the teachers contract was not upheld by a majority of the school board members, and the teacher still has a teaching job.  Vivian Morgan, the reporter with the Hartwell Sun newspaper, stated that Mrs. Tressa Blackwell‘s MACE attorney, Mr. Lowell Chatham, “was phenominal.”  [Jerry Bell, we understand, just secured a superintendent’s job in his home of Haralson County, GA.]

4. Romain Dallemand (Bibb County, Georgia). Romain Dallemand still sits atop the Bibb County Board of Education, but some new blood is coming on the school board in January.  New school board member and Macon attorney Jason Downey is bound to ask some pertinent questions of Dallemand.  The MACE Strike Force appeared downtown Macon on historic Mulberry Street in front of the Bibb County Courthouse to protest against Dallemand and his “Macon Nightmare.”  This picket was carried in the media, including extensive coverage on Macon’s NBC 41 television news.  With Edmond Heatley apparently headed back to California, Dallemand may be sitting with Hart County‘s Jerry Bell at the top of those superintendents in Georgia who are the most clownish in their roles as superintendents.  [MACE picketed Dallemand two times in downtown Macon and both pickets were televised on local TV.  He was forced out in Macon and sued the school board, but the suit was dismissed by the judge.]

5. Beverly Hall (the disgraced former superintendent of Atlanta City, Georgia).  What can we say about Beverly Hall?  According to the New York Times, she oversaw the greatest cheating scandal in the history of American schools.  But, what has happened to her?  Has her certificate been yanked…like the teachers’?  Has she faced any criminal or civil sanctions?  It does indeed seem like the big guys and gals seem to get off scot free, doesn’t it?  MACE never bought into Beverly Hall‘s snake oil showMACE fought her every step of the way!   [Beverly Hall was indicted but before she could stand trial, she succumbed to cancer.]

6. Luvenia Jackson, the interim superintendent of Clayton County Schools in Georgia was brought out of retirement.  She has been demonstrating lately that her administration does not understand the importance to go by the Georgia Law for Certified Employee Complaints (O. C. G. A. 20-2-989.5 et seq.).  Former superintendent Edmond Heatley wanted to routinely violate this law as well.  The MACE teachers union effectively took on Heatley for this and many other issues.  Both superintendents were perhaps looking for “advice” from education attorney, Glenn Brock.  One of MACE‘s picket signs yesterday stated, “Luvenia, Quit Listening to ‘Legal Pimps’ and Obey the Law!”  Apparently, Ms. Jackson had the top security personnel in the school system to come and try to remove the MACE picketers from the public forum.  We have a feeling that she (and others superintendents in Georgia) will be receiving a lesson on the First Amendment and Free Speech from MACE‘s Chairman of the Board, Dr. John Trotter.

7. Mychele Rhodes of McDuffie County (Georgia) School System.  See separate article about Ms. Rhodes on this site.

8. Vickie Reed of Murray County (Georgia) School System heads up one of, if not, the most dysfunctional school system in Georgia.  The horrors of this systems makes one recall the movie “Deliverance.”

9. Randy Rodgers of Montgomery County (Georgia) School System is a weak superintendent who, like Vicki Reed and Mychele Rhodes, seems to have no qualm suspending the Teacher of the Year, Brad Lord, because a coach on staff, the husband of the principal (nepotism, anyone?), apparently confronted this teacher because he and the principal/wife had strong disagreements in a meeting over the TKES evaluation.  So, what does Superintendent Randy Rodgers do?  He suspends Mr. Lord, who was apparently the one invited by the husband/coach to meet him in a local park at 3:45 that afternoon to settle the matter.  Rodgers, Reed, and Rhodes (3R) of Montgomery, Murray, and McDuffie (3M) just nonchalantly ignore the mandates of the Georgia Statutory Code (OCGA 20-2-940[g]) when it comes to suspending a teacher.

Randy Rodgers, Montgomery County

Montgomery County (GA) Superintendent, Randy Rodgers

10. William A. Hunter, erstwhile superintendent of Brantley and McIntosh Counties (we think forced out in both counties), but now of Polk County.  Trouble seems to have followed Mr. Hunter from McIntosh County when he arrived on the scene in Polk County.  This former Arkansas banker seems to have his detractors in Polk County, as we recently received this characterization of his administration in Polk County:

“Nepotism, favoritism, retaliation, bullying, no-bid contracts, hiring without posting jobs, fraternization, Apple/PSD conflict of interest, God knows what else. Not to mention that he was FIRED from his last two jobs. Mass exodus of good, long time teachers. Culture of fear and intimidation.”

We are sure that Mr. Hunter would say that he and the school boards “mutually agreed” to his resignations.  As in all cases, we welcome the comments of any of the superintendents highlighted on this blog.